Beef cattle auctions
Auctions begins at 11:00 am. Animals are for view from 10:00 am.
Information for Buyers

Important information for all buyers who are willing to take part in auctions

  • To participate  in auctions all buyers must register before every auction.
  • The starting price is set by the auction house - Euro/kg
  • Bidding step is set 0.05 Euro/kg and the half step is 0,02 Euro/kg
  • Buyers must keep in mind that bidding price in Auction is without tax.
  • Commission for auction is indicated in Baltic beef cattle auction regulation.
  • After the auction the buyer party must settle the payment on site or in time period of one to fifteen days in an individual agreement with the auction house
  • All livestock available in the auctions are from farm stands that are examined according to Latvia State reglamented annual animal infection disease supervision plan of 2017.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • For more information and to recive Baltic beef cattle auction regulation please clik there - rulles or contact us (see contacts) or via e-mail  info@liellopuizsoles.lv

Information For Farmers

Important information for farmers, who wishes to sell their animals via  beef auction:

  • Animals are required to have ear tags in both ears.

  • We accept all beef cattle breeds and their crossbreed (such as XG and XX) the same refers to heifers

  • Animals are untill 11 month old

  •  Application for auctions must be submitted at least one week before  the auction day.

  • Farmer must ensure that on the day when animals are transported to auction place animals are separated and ready to be transported.

  • Auction will always offer the maximum advantageous transportation to farmers.

  • Farmers who prefer to transport animals themselves must inform auction at least one week before auction day.

  • Commission for auction is 2,5% from final sale price.