Announcement of LTD “Liellopu izsoļu nams”
Announcement of LTD “Liellopu izsoļu nams”

It is been a while the beef-cattle industry faced a pending matter connected with refusal of LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” to settle bills drawn up by LTD “Liellopu izsoļu nams” and to pay its debt in total amount of 190 559.34 EUR (the Debt).

Clients of LTD “Liellopu izsoļu nams” – farmers and participants of auctions – repeatedly have asked questions in relation to the Debt, therefore we issue this announcement.  

On 9 June 2015, LTD “Liellopu izsoļu nams” brought a charge against LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” in the City of Riga Vidzeme District Court in order to recover the Debt.  

The Court of First Instance in accordance with the verdict of 16 February 2016 satisfied the claim fully and ordered the Debt to be repaid.  LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” was convinced of the necessity to continue contest at law, therefore in relation to the verdict of 16 February 2016 it submitted an appeal.  

After hearing the appeal case of LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” the Kurzeme Regional Court on 25 October 2016 passed a new sentence (analogous to the verdict of 16 February 2016 of the City of Riga Vidzeme District Court), thereby it was the second time in a calendar year when both the Court of First Instance and the Court of Appeal Instance found that LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” has not settled its debt and the Debt shall be recovered!  

By the publicly accessible LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” management report of 2015 (given on 19 August 2016) Aydin Bozkurt has informed, that the company’s losses for 2015 constitute 131 633 EUR and, what needs to be marked out, in 2016 will not perform active business operations.   The aforesaid raise doubts that execution of the verdict of 25 October 2016 of the Kurzeme Regional Court (when become effective) will be considerably encumbered.  

The Kurzeme Regional Court on 31 October 2016 satisfied an application in relation to the real property of LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” (Address: “Lapsiņu ferma”, Raunas pagasts, Raunas novads (farm)), hence in the Land Register there is made an entry of legal lien in relation to the farm currently. At the same time, it must be noted, that the company tried to cancel the farm’s legal lien, however the application of LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” was rejected on 22 December 2016 by the Kurzeme Regional Court. Sooner or later the farm will be sold by auction.  

In addition to the aforesaid, members of the beef-cattle industry have obtained information that one of many companies connected with Aydin Bozkurt, namely, LTD “EURASIA” uses the farm for cattle stationing actively.  

Notwithstanding to the fact, that already two court instances issued verdicts as to the Debt recovery, on 15 December 2016 the Kurzeme Regional Court received a cassation claim from LTD “EURASIA LIVESTOCK” (the company formally uses its right to appeal the unfavourable verdict one more time), what can extend the term of the execution of the verdict of 25 October 2016 of the Kurzeme Regional Court even for a year.